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SAFELine For Schools

It can be challenging for school officials to know the right time to intervene in a student’s life. If you are working at a school in Erie County, Pa., contact SAFELine to:

  • Create a crisis plan that works in conjunction with Safe Harbor of UPMC Hamot's 24/7/365 Crisis Services and SAFELine resources.
  • Ask Safe Harbor to customize SAFELine materials and marketing events in ways that fit the unique needs of your schools, students, and their parents.
  • Get information on local training related to youth issues.
  • Schedule speakers on a variety of topics related to youth health and mental health.
  • Invite SAFELine and Safe Harbor staff to workgroups, trainings, or other events at your schools.

Managing Bullying and Other Issues at School

Safe Harbor provides the following tips for schools to manage bullying, behavior problems, and other issues that may occur with students:

  • Have a crisis plan in place and partner with a local agency that provides crisis services, such as UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Safe Harbor.
  • Make safe internet usage a part of every class and be sure that your school’s anti-bullying rules and policies address cyberbullying.
  • Use filtering software and block social networking sites on all school computers.
  • Educate your teachers and other staff members about signs that might indicate a serious problem with a student, such as weight loss, change of grades or behaviors, bruises, etc.
  • Investigate any reported problems of bullying or threats immediately.
  • Give students ample resources to report any unusual behavior, bullying, or other problems by providing access to counselors, assemblies about social interaction, or clubs that promote anti-bullying behaviors.
  • Contact the police immediately if any threats include violence, extortion, harassment, child pornography, hate crimes, or sexual exploitation.
  • Notify parents or guardians immediately of any suspicious behavior in students.