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​Endocrinology at UPMC

If you have diabetes, hormone disorders, or other endocrine system problems, we can help.

UPMC Endocrinology offers advanced tests and treatments that only select centers in the country offer. We take time to teach you about your endocrine health issues and provide you with complete care.

What Does the Endocrine System Do?

The endocrine system contains glands that make hormones and release them in the blood.

These hormones affect almost every cell and organ in the body.

They also support many of the body's processes.

For instance, endocrine hormones help us:

  • Break down food.
  • Manage mood, growth, and development.
  • Burn energy.
  • Respond to stress.
  • Release eggs and sperm.

Because hormones affect so many systems in the body, endocrinologists work closely with other health experts.

At UPMC, we treat many endocrine diseases, including cancers and non-cancerous growths. And since endocrine system problems can be a factor in obesity and osteoporosis, we also treat these health issues.

UPMC Presbyterian Shadyside is nationally ranked in endocrinology by U.S. News & World Report.

Learn more about our U.S. News rankings.

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