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Psychiatric Assessment and Medication Services

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At UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Safe Harbor, our psychiatrists and staff provide prescriptions and other medication-related psychiatric care.

To start psychiatric services with Safe Harbor, we offer walk-in intake appointments every business day at our main West 26th Street location.

Call 814-459-9300 to speak to someone about:

  • Our walk-in hours for psychiatric intake.
  • Health insurance plans we accept.
  • All behavioral and mental health services we offer.

Psychiatric Assessments and Medication Management Services for New Clients

Psychiatric assessment

  • Occurs after the intake appointment and at the beginning of a relationship with a prescriber at Safe Harbor psych services.
  • The prescriber meets with you for a longer appointment to learn your history and symptoms.
  • The prescriber helps plan your psychiatric treatment with prescribed medication

Medication management

  • Occurs after the psych assessment.
  • You and your prescriber schedule these appointments based on your need for support around prescribed medication.
  • During a medication checkup, you will meet with nurses and your prescriber.

Nursing support

Nursing support is the core of the Safe Harbor psychiatric medication clinic.

Our nurses:

  • Offer support and help you get your medicine.
  • Provide psychiatric medication education.
  • Help you work with your prescriber.

To contact the clinic, call the nursing line at 814-459-9300 and leave a voicemail. Our nurses check voicemail often.

Current Clients: Contact Us for Medication Refills and Appointments

To request a psychiatric medication refill

Call 814-459-9300 and choose:

  1. Option 1 for current client.
  2. Option 2 for nursing.
  3. Option 2 for refills.

Please leave a message and clearly:

  • Say and spell your first and last name.
  • Give your date of birth.
  • Provide the name of the medication you need your prescriber to refill.
  • Give the name of your pharmacy.

Allow 24 to 48 business hours to complete your request.

Please make sure you have a follow-up appointment scheduled with your provider. If you haven't recently seen your prescriber, we may not be able to honor your refill request.

To speak with a nurse about prescription questions or other needs

Our nurses can help you:

  • With any medication questions or concerns.
  • Reschedule appointments.
  • Communicate with your prescriber.
  • Connect you to Crisis Services.

Call 814-459-9300 and select:

  1. Option 1 for current client.
  2. Option 2 for nursing.
  3. Option 3 for medication questions.

You'll be on hold until the next available nurse can personally help you.

To make a follow-up appointment at the psychiatric medication clinic

Call 814-459-9300 and choose:

  1. Option 1 for current client.
  2. Option 1 for appointments.

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