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Certified Peer Specialists at UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Safe Harbor

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What is a Certified Peer Specialist (CPS)*?

A CPS is a paid staff person with a mental health or co-occurring disorder with certified training in supporting peers through recovery.

He or she:

  • Helps people with mental illness define and achieve certain life goals.
  • Promotes self-will, personal responsibility, and acceptance vital to recovery.
  • Helps peers regain control over their lives.

*Source: Institute for Recovery

How Does a CPS Help?

CPSs at UPMC Western Behavioral Health at Safe Harbor embody hope in your ability to find wellness and strength within yourself and the community.

They offer mutual respect and trust to help you in your journey of recovery.

The roles of the CPS include:

  • Helping you define and reach personal recovery goals.
  • Finding support services that are right for you and helping you learn the skills to access them.
  • Teaching communication and self-advocacy skills to help empower you.
  • Helping you design and follow a wellness recovery action plan.

To receive services with a certified peer specialist, call the Outpatient Clinic at 814-459-9300.

Call the WarmLine to Talk to a CPS

The WarmLine is a free, confidential mental health hotline where you can talk one-on-one with a CPS about your non-life-threatening issue.

WarmLine is not a crisis line. If your crisis or issue is serious, call a crisis counselor right away at 814-456-2014 or 1-800-300-9558.

Call the WarmLine at 1-877-550-4007 — Tuesday through Saturday from noon to 7:30 p.m. (times subject to change) — to:

  • Get support or advice on your wellness and recovery plan.
  • Ask questions about coping with serious mental illness.
  • Simply talk about your day.