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Quality, Safety, and Operational Excellence at UPMC

UPMC promises to deliver the right care, in the right way, at the right time to each person. This requires the expertise, commitment, coordination, and innovative ideas of all our team members.

Our mission is to always provide you and your family with a high quality and safe experience.

UPMC is the region's top health care provider and one of the nation's top hospital systems. We lead in delivering innovative, complete care. We also excel in achieving continual improvement in quality and safety.

The Wolff Center at UPMC

The Wolff Center at UPMC plays a big part in making sure you get the quality care you deserve. We partner with UPMC leaders, doctors and clinicians, departments, and insurance colleagues to:

  • Provide safe and high-quality care. We create a culture focused on eliminating preventable harm and driving top clinical performance.
  • Make UPMC a great place to work. We support a workplace that emphasizes employee engagement, retention, and satisfaction.
  • Help people have a good health care experience. We engage you and your family members in helping manage your health care to ensure you have the best experience possible.
  • Continue making our care better and more efficient. We streamline and improve clinical care through focused, rigorous efforts.

What We Do

We work together each day to improve our care for you and your family. This means fewer mistakes and tests, lower costs, quicker recovery, strong support, an easier move home, and better health in the long run.

We want to work closely with you, your family, and your care team. Our goal is to support you fully and involve you in making decisions about your care.

We also make sure every person gets the care they need. We do this by working with the Disabilities Resource Center.

At UPMC, we think it's vital to tell you how we're doing. This helps you make the best choices for your health care. When you and your family are more involved in your care, things often turn out better.

Please look around our website to learn more about how we work hard each day for you. We want to earn your trust and make sure you feel confident while we take care of you.

The Wolff Center partners with colleagues systemwide to improve health care delivery and overall experience. The Wolff Center consists of the following departments: