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Patient Education, Communication, and Engagement

Those who get care at UPMC are vital members of our health care team and the center of all we do. Staying knowledgeable and well informed before, during, and after your care is crucial. This way, you can prepare, plan, and follow up.

At UPMC, we work hard to give you and your family as many details as you need and want.


You're part of your care team and play a vital role in it. We'll teach you about your health issues and how to manage your medicines.

We'll also teach you how to partner with your doctor on care decisions and to care for yourself after you get home. You can find more articles and videos in our Health Library and your UPMC portal.


We work with your doctors and caregivers to give you what you need to make your care decisions. We do this while sharing the details you need for a seamless experience.

We create materials to teach you about health issues, methods and techniques, and what to expect during a visit. We also make brochures, posters, handbooks, electronic messages, and other materials. These contain key information, such as phone numbers, locations, hours of operation, directions, and parking details.


UPMC Patient and Family Advisory Councils (PFACs) are one way we invite you and your family to share thoughts, opinions, and advice.

These councils consist of people, their families, and UPMC operational leaders. They meet on a routine basis to discuss and ask for feedback on a range of topics. These may include care experiences, advice for future work or projects, and process and policy reviews.

Listening to you is how we improve. Besides our PFACs, we gather feedback through focus groups, interviews, and surveys.