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Peter M. Winter Institute for Simulation, Education and Research (WISER)

WISER is one of the most advanced simulation centers in the U.S. Students and seasoned health care professionals work in simulated settings, which allow them to explore and learn through an immersive learning environment.

The clinical situations they recreate allow people to learn from and reflect on what they do.

An Emphasis on Active Learning

WISER focuses on innovative approaches to learning. It has designed its learning programs to mirror the needs of the clinical setting.

Teams get reports from experts on their work in the program. This is how they learn to improve.

WISER takes place in mock operating rooms, ICUs, and other clinical locations teachers can change as needed. This is how teams practice making decisions and improve outcomes for people in their care.

WISER works with teachers and staff to create and put forth new programs for improving quality and safety. These occur at the main campus in Oakland and at 11 other locations throughout our system.

Quality and Safety

WISER is a resource for improving health care education. It's a complete platform that turns knowledge into action.

WISER ensures that health care staff can learn the skills they need to give the best possible care. Staff include nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and other team members. WISER does all of this by offering broad health care education courses.

WISER's focus on patient safety courses reflects its commitment to the most crucial aspects of health care: well-being and safety. Safety is a vital pillar of all health care systems. It's crucial for reducing errors, making care quality better, and improving outcomes.

WISER's focus on this speaks to our complicated health care landscape. Minor oversights and errors can lead to harm. But health care staff can get the knowledge, tools, and training they need to prevent problems before they happen.

WISER helps with this by building a culture of safety. It ensures that everyone who needs care gets care that's effective and always safe.