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Free Sleep Screenings

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The UPMC Hamot Sleep Disorders Center offers free sleep screenings for people at risk.

Answer the following questions to help determine your risk of developing a sleep disorder.

Do you:

  • Have diabetes?
  • Have high blood pressure?
  • Have difficulty concentrating?
  • Have depression?
  • Have headaches?
  • Ever awaken choking or gasping?
  • Have heart disease or heart failure?
  • Snore?
  • Stop breathing while sleeping?
  • Ever fall asleep while driving?
  • Keep someone you love awake at night?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may have a sleep disorder.

Call the UPMC Hamot Sleep Disorders Center at 814-877-3815 to schedule a free sleep screening.

Learn more about health screenings at UPMC Hamot.