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UPMC Department of Pathology

When your doctor needs objective information about your health, he or she will usually order tests.

Pathologists and laboratory staff members in the Pathology department conduct many tests — on tissues, blood, and other body fluids — and interpret the results.

Finding Answers

Pathologists are physicians who undergo several years of additional specialized training, after earning their medical degrees, to learn how to diagnose disease.

Our experienced team of specialized pathologists work to find answers for you and your doctor through:

  • Biopsies and lab tests: We analyze blood and tissue samples to assemble a picture of your specific disease state.
  • Diagnostic services
    • Anatomic pathology: We examine cells from specific organs and analyze any changes or abnormalities to help determine what might be wrong.
    • Laboratory medicine: We test blood, urine, and other body fluids to diagnose and monitor disease that will lead to a clear plan of treatment.
    • Molecular & genomic pathology: We perform tests on tissues and blood looking for genetic changes that cause disease or help to guide therapy.

The pathologists in our laboratory are among the best in the country; you can be confident in our expertise.

Get Involved

Learn how you can help us help others by supporting our pathology research.

Pathology Residency at UPMC

The UPMC Department of Pathology offers world-class educational opportunities through its residency and fellowship programs.

Learn more about the programs.

Second Opinions for Providers

If you are a physician looking for a second opinion, please consider the UPMC Digital Pathology Consultation service.

Learn more about UPMC pathology research.