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Storybank, Kipp Kobayashi

Storybank features blue, green, clear, and aqua glass bottles suspended from the ceiling in the shape of a river.

The work in the East Atrium flows toward the entrance and the sky, inspiring wonder. Recognizable colors and shapes provide a visual history of glass and bottle manufacturing in the Pittsburgh region.

California-based Kipp Kobayashi has created many suspended artworks throughout the country that are specific to each location. Responding to the journey experienced by people at UPMC Mercy Pavilion, he invited community members to donate bottles, messages, and mementos to be included in the sculpture. 

The resulting Storybank offered a unique opportunity for people to experience and express their wishes, hopes, and dreams for the future. Read the messages and view the artifacts in the bottles here (PDF)

Blue, green, and white bottles suspended from a ceiling referencing Pittsburgh’s rivers and history of glass manufacturing. Learn more about the art installation Storybank by Kipp Kobayashi.
Close up image of blue, green, and white bottles suspended from a ceiling referencing, filled with messages of hope and inspiration. Learn more about the art by Kipp Kobayashi.