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Artist: Kipp Kobayashi


Kipp Kobayashi created Storybank, a suspended sculpture of hundreds of bottles referencing Pittsburgh’s rivers and history in glass manufacturing. The installation in visible from each level of the East Atrium. 

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Meet the Artist

Learn more about artist Kipp Kobayashi's work for the upcoming Mercy Pavilion.

Kipp Kobayashi is interested in how human activity can transform the physical world to reflect collective thoughts, actions, and experiences. His background as an Asian American has led to a lifelong interest in deconstructing preconceived notions of who and what we are, breaking them down into basic elements of human and natural factors to consider nuanced interpretations of identity and cultural belonging.

Kobayashi has been commissioned and collected by public and private agencies.  He taught at the Cal Poly School of Environmental Design, served as vice-chairman of the Americans for the Arts Public Art Network Advisory Council, and is a founding member of Public Art Exchange, a national peer-to-peer network.

The artist lives in Los Angeles, Calif. His works include:

  • Public artwork, Collective Transitions, Meacham Airport, Fort Worth, Texas 
  • Public artwork, Re-Forestation, commissioned by Sound Transit for Mountlake Terrace Station, Seattle, Wash.
  • Public artwork, Between Earth & Sky, Eugene Airport, Eugene, Ore.
  • Public artwork, Connecting Flights, The Hudson Apartments, Pasadena, Calif.
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