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Artist: Lori Hepner

Mercy Movement: Drawing with Light

Neurodiverse artist Lori Hepner hosted workshops at UPMC Mercy inviting people to participate in the artmaking process. They drew with light sticks and wearable light devices designed by the artist.  The artwork located on the first level features the movement drawings and silhouettes from the workshops. 

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Meet the Artist

Learn more about artist Lori Hepner and her upcoming artwork at the UPMC Mercy Paviion.

Pittsburgh-based Hepner is a new media artist working primarily in performative light painting, fine art photography, and community-centered public art projects. In recent years she has completed artist residencies in Pittsburgh, an Arctic community in coastal Norway, and in communities in Finland, Iceland, and the Canadian Yukon. 


Her photographic work has been featured in Time Magazine, Wired, and Next Level Magazine and has been exhibited at the Houston Center for Photography, Carnegie Museum of Art, and the Brooklyn Museum. Hepner’s work has also been featured at photo festivals in the Netherlands, China, and Spain.  

The artist lives in the Brighton Heights neighborhood of Pittsburgh. Her other public art projects include:  

  • Public artwork Larimer Caryatids, Bakery Square, Pittsburgh, Pa. (2022). 
  • Public artwork The Air Above Us, Carrie Furnaces, Rankin, Pa. (2021). 
  • Commissioned by Carnegie Mellon University to create photo for X Prize Moon Lander (2016). 

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