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Virtual Endocrinology Services at UPMC

If you have diabetes, thyroid problems, or a hormone disorder, UPMC Telemedicine can help. Our doctors diagnose and treat all types of endocrine diseases.

And with video visits, getting the right care for you is easier than ever.

About Endocrine Virtual Care at UPMC

Virtual care is often an option whether you need a first visit, a second opinion, or follow-up care. That's because UPMC doctors and staff have a vast knowledge of providing care virtually.

Your endocrinologist can often use a video visit to discuss hormone-related problems.

You may still need an in-person follow-up visit and testing, like bloodwork or a bone density scan. But virtual care can reduce your need for in-person visits to UPMC.

After testing, video visits also make it easy for your doctor to review your results. Video visits are only available for Pennsylvania residents.

Benefits of Virtual Endocrine Care

Virtual care may work well for you if you:

  • Live far from a UPMC location that offers endocrine disease care.
  • Need a routine checkup for a chronic disease like diabetes or osteoporosis.
  • Have issues finding transportation or getting around.
  • Have a concern about something your doctor can check visually, like an enlarged thyroid.

Is a Virtual Endocrinology Visit Right for Me?

Both new and returning patients can schedule video visits.

Your doctor may go over your results, or they may order more tests based on what they learned during the visit.

Video visits often work well for returning patients whose health issue is under control. You may not even need a physical exam or testing during a follow-up visit since we can still gain vital information through video visits.

For people with diabetes who live in rural areas, video visits can decrease the amount of travel time. Most people with diabetes need to have an in-person office visit once a year, with follow-up virtual visits.

What to Expect During Your Endocrine Virtual Visit at UPMC

After you book your video visit, your doctor's office will provide you with instructions on how to get started.

UPMC Endocrinology staff work with you to virtually download your:

  • Blood glucose meters.
  • Continuous glucose monitors.
  • Insulin pumps.

To help provide you with quality care, your doctor will ask you to upload data from these devices before each visit, whether in person or online.

UPMC's advanced video equipment and secure patient portals meet all HIPAA and cybersecurity standards.

Health insurance plans we accept

UPMC accepts most health plans. Before your video visit, check with your plan to make sure they cover virtual care.

Make an Endocrinology Appointment at UPMC

To get started, all you need is a smartphone or tablet, one of our patient portals, and a scheduled video visit appointment with your UPMC provider.

To learn more about our full range of expertise, call 412-586-9700 and select option 2 or click here to find an endocrinology location near you.