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Comprehensive Diabetes Care, Education, and Support

Whether you've just learned you have diabetes or lived with it for years, UPMC can help.

Our primary care providers, endocrinologists, diabetes educators, and other experts work together to help you stay healthy.

Download the UPMC Guide to Diabetes (PDF) to learn:

  • The signs and symptoms of high and low blood sugar and how to treat them.
  • How to give an insulin shot or use an insulin pump.
  • Healthy eating and lifestyle tips.

And more.

Self-Manage Your Diabetes

Through our diabetes self-management education program, you can meet with one of our diabetes educators. This may be a nurse, dietician, or pharmacist.

The program may teach you:

  • Healthy eating, meal planning, and other ways to improve your diet.
  • How to correctly take insulin or non-insulin medicine.
  • How to lower the risks of diabetes complications.
  • How to use an insulin pump or other diabetes device.
  • Tips to manage stress.
  • Ways to be more active.
  • Where to find diabetes support resources where you live.
  • Your target blood glucose levels.

To meet with a diabetes educator, you'll need a doctor's referral. Talk with your PCP or contact your local UPMC location.

Prevent and Manage Diabetes Complications

Our diabetes providers can refer you to other UPMC experts who treat issues that can come from diabetes.

These include experts in:

  • Foot care.
  • Heart disease.
  • Kidney disease.
  • Nerve problems.
  • Vision trouble.

Find Group Diabetes Classes and Support

You can also meet, talk, and learn with others who are living with diabetes.

You don't need a doctor's referral to take part in UPMC's diabetes classes and events.

We also offer many resources for people with diabetes and their families and often sponsor public events that:

Make an Appointment at UPMC for Diabetes Care

Contact us to make an appointment or learn more about our expert care.

Find a UPMC endocrinology location near you.

Learn more from UPMC's HealthBeat blog: