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​​Vision and Eye Care at UPMC Vision Institute Mercy

Every day, your sight affects how you work, learn, relax, and interact with the world. At UPMC Vision Institute Mercy, we provide expert, advanced vision and eye care so you can always see your best at every stage of life.

Our team of board-certified ophthalmologists, optometrists, and other vision professionals work together to protect, preserve, and restore your sight — from routine eye examinations and surgeries to pioneering care for complex eye problems.

Whatever your vision concerns, you will find the medical expertise and support you need — compassionately delivered with patient convenience and satisfaction in mind — at UPMC Vision Institute Mercy.

Contact Us

UPMC Vision Institute at UPMC Mercy Pavilion
1622 Locust St.
Pittsburgh, PA 15219

Phone: 412-530-5470
Toll Free 1-844-289-0966

Vision and Eye Care Highlights

  • Our research and advanced clinical capabilities enable us to provide quality care for difficult-to-treat eye conditions and chronic, long-term diseases that can affect vision, such as diabetes.
  • Our comprehensive medical and surgical vision services are part of the UPMC Vision Institute, rated by Ophthalmology Times among the nation’s top 10 ophthalmology programs for patient care, giving you access to innovative treatments, research, and clinical trials.
  • We are UPMC’s only Pittsburgh-based hospital to offer same-day retinal surgery.
  • We also offer cosmetic and aesthetic procedures that can improve your vision or enhance your appearance.
  • You may come to UPMC Vision Institute Mercy on your own or through a referral from your primary care doctor, ophthalmologist, or optometrist. Because many vision problems are linked to other medical problems — including diabetes, high blood pressure, and thyroid disease — we work closely with your doctors and other medical experts to determine the best plan of care for you.