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UPMC ​Pain Management

When you're in pain, life feels harder.

Pain can occur after a minor or severe injury. You may also have pain after dental work, surgery, or cancer treatment. Sometimes, it starts because of a health problem you've had for a long time (chronic health issue).

No matter how your pain began, UPMC pain management providers are here to help.

Our team provides care that offers relief.

We use advanced tools and strategies to manage all types of pain.

We'll create a treatment plan for you focused on your needs and your life. And we'll help you return to the activities you enjoy and be there for those who count on you.

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How Can UPMC Pain Management Help Me?

Pain differs for each person. It can be sudden and intense after an illness, injury, or health treatment.

Pain can also be long-lasting and occur along with things like stress, depression, and fatigue.

UPMC pain clinics treat many types of pain — both acute and chronic.

Our pain medicine experts use a range of treatments to help you feel better, such as:

  • Medicines. Your doctor may prescribe drugs that block or lessen pain to give you comfort. You may also take over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Interventional pain management treatments. Your pain specialist may do techniques such as pain-relieving shots or surgery. These treatments can help reduce your pain level.
  • Specialized therapies. Your provider may have you see a specialist to help you manage and cope with your pain. These may include occupational and physical therapists and behavioral health experts.

UPMC's pain team works closely with experts in a wide range of health disciplines. We create complete, custom treatment plans that address how pain affects you.

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