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Pulmonary, Respiratory, and Neurodiagnostic Services at UPMC Jameson

Find complete care and relief for lung and breathing problems at UPMC Jameson.

We offer:

  • Testing and diagnosis
  • Corrective treatments
  • Rehab services to help you heal after treatment

UPMC Jameson is a teaching site for respiratory therapy students at Youngstown State University and Laurel Technical Institute.

Contact Us for Lung Care

To learn more about pulmonary services at UPMC Jameson, call 724-656-4134.

Our Lung and Breathing Tests

  • Exercise testing for heart and lung disease
  • Diagnostic breathing tests and care
  • Ultrasound of the airways that lead to your lungs

Learn more about testing for lung and breathing disorders at UPMC Jameson.

Our Treatments for Lung and Breathing Disorders

  • Pulmonary rehab
  • Corrective therapies

Learn more about lung and breathing disorder treatments at UPMC Jameson.

Our Experts