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Golf Performance Program at UPMC Rehabilitation Institute

Every golfer wants to improve their swing and hit the ball farther.

Our Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)™ Certified physical therapists know that there's no one right way to swing a golf club. Instead, they find the best swing for each golfer's body.

Prior injuries or surgeries can change how your body moves and, in turn, change your golf swing. This can lead to different swing features, shots, or injuries.

Whether you golf for fun or as a pro, we can help.

By giving our therapists details specific to you, they can learn more about how your body moves. They can then show you ways to make your swing better.

Assessments by TPI-Certified Physical Therapists

Mobility/stability assessment

We focus on the way your body moves to help limit injury. It may even lower or maintain your golf handicap.

Our screening can also spot which movements aren't working.

These can include problems with how you stand and how you move.

We make a plan to correct these and other golf swing impairments.

This plan may involve:

  • TPI Level 1 Screen. This teaches us more about how much you can move your ankles, hips, and shoulders, among other areas.
  • Taking stock of 12 different aspects of your swing.

Power/strength assessment

A golfer needs both strong movements and quick movements to hit the ball farther.

The power/strength assessment will work out whether you need to lift heavy weights with fewer reps. If you don't, you may need to work on quick, strong movements instead.

This assessment includes testing:

  • Lower body, upper body, and core power.
  • Lower body, upper body, and grip strength.
We'll then use the results to design a custom gym workout program.

Vision assessment

Every golfer also wants to make more putts. Maybe you've tried different stances or aids to make this happen.

The vision assessment will figure out not only your dominant eye but also your visualization skills.

This way, we can give you advice on whether you need aids such as lines or golf ball markings.

We also test your depth perception so we can learn how well you can judge the length of your putts.

One-on-one Golf Sports Performance Training Sessions

The TPI-Certified physical therapists at the UPMC Rehabilitation Institute can help you improve your golf game.

We offer the following one-on-one golf training programs:

  • Par — one 45-minute session.
  • Birdie — three 45-minute sessions.
  • Eagle — six 45-minute sessions.
  • Albatross — ten 45-minute sessions.

Please contact one of the locations below for training details and pricing.

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