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Chronic Pain Program at UPMC Rehabilitation Institute

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Living with chronic pain affects every aspect of your life, from the ability to sleep through the night to enjoying your child’s soccer game. Your daily schedule revolves around when you feel well enough to move about, or on the contrary when you cannot get out of bed due to extreme levels of pain. The team at UPMC Rehabilitation Institute understands your desire to return to a normal, active lifestyle and wants to help you take control of your pain.

Chronic Pain Conditions We Treat

Our physical and occupational therapists are part of an interdisciplinary team that treats various chronic pain conditions.

Chronic pain can occur when a change takes place in the nervous system and the brain receives a signal that there is a possible threat to your health. This pain lasts beyond three to six months and can take many different forms.

Some conditions that lead to the cause or development of chronic pain include:

While they do not cure these conditions, physical and occupational therapy, aid in lessening the sensation of pain experienced on a daily basis.

Specialized Programs and Exercises to Treat Chronic Pain

At UPMC Rehabilitation Institute, we offer several specialized programs for patients with chronic headaches, fibromyalgia, and older adults experiencing pain. Your multi-disciplinary therapy team will work alongside you to accomplish the goal of bringing your pain under control.

During appointments, your therapist will employ a wide variety of exercises and techniques that specifically target your type of chronic pain. A primary function of the pain program is to teach you self-management skills you can perform at home to control pain. Some physical and occupational therapy treatments you may encounter are:

  • Full-body stretching
  • Strength and conditioning
  • Body mechanics
  • Work simplification
  • Activity pacing

Receiving therapy for chronic pain will increase your comprehension of how your chronic pain works, and equip you with steps you can take to effectively manage your pain at home.

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