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Outpatient Limb Loss Therapy at UPMC Rehabilitation Institute

Rehabilitation After Limb Loss

The amputee rehabilitation program prepares you for prosthetic use by implementing a functional rehabilitation program that includes strengthening, balance and fall prevention, agility, coordination, functional activities and independence with mobility.

Our team of therapists has specialized training in amputation rehab and prosthetics.

The team will work to:

  • Assist with one’s ability to perform everyday activities including self-care, homemaking, work-related, and return to sport/recreation leisure activities
  • Educate about desensitization techniques and pain management
  • Select and employ specific outcome measures to track progress with mobility
  • Teach exercises to increase mobility with use of prosthesis

Each person’s course of recovery will be tailored to meet their individual goals/needs.

Conditions We Treat

  • Lower limb amputation
  • Upper limb amputation


During this phase, your physical or occupational therapist will progress your mobility without the prosthesis. The therapist will focus on strengthening and stretching your amputated limb to get you ready for wearing and using the prosthesis to enhance function. 

Your therapist will work with your rehab doctor and/or surgeon to identify when your limb is ready to be fit with a prosthesis. 

Starting therapy before the prosthetic limb is ready can lead to optimal function.

Prosthetic Training

Therapists will teach you how to care for and manage the use of a prosthesis to protect your limb and optimize function. The team will work with your rehab doctor and prosthetist to maximize comfort and increase endurance and gait mobility.


This will be common as time progresses after amputation. If at any time you feel you need more therapy services or adjustments to your prosthesis, please call your rehab doctor.

Ongoing Support

The UPMC Amp Up! Support Group is run by individuals with limb loss. The group meets monthly to provide peer support and education for amputees and their families

Locations for Limb Loss Therapy

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