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Facial Nerve Therapy at UPMC Rehabilitation Institute

What Is Temporary Facial Paralysis?

Temporary facial paralysis can affect a person's daily function, communication with others, self-esteem, and quality of life. It occurs when the nerves that control movements in the face become inflamed or injured. 

At UPMC Rehabilitation Institute our therapists have advanced training in treating facial paralysis and pain. Our emphasis leverages a combination of evidence based research, hands-on care, and a personalized and functional approach to rehabilitation. 

Conditions Treated by Facial Nerve Therapy

  • Bell's palsy
  • Facial palsy (following surgery or stroke)
  • Facial spasms and pain
  • Synkinesis - (Facial synkinesis refers to inappropriate and unintended muscle movements in the face with certain voluntary facial expressions)

With physical therapy and proper exercises, patients can recover some or all of their facial movements and regain their facial expressions.

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