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UPMC Shadyside Hospital

Admitted and Current Students — Shadyside School of Nursing

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We believe that we have a responsibility to design policies and procedures that provide and safeguard your freedom to learn. As part of that, see some of the policies that facilitate learning at our school.

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Attendance at Shadyside School of Nursing

Our program is rigorous in order to prepare you to practice nursing at your full potential. That's why we ask that you're present at both our academic classes and at clinical, on time and ready to learn.

We expect our nursing students to take examinations when faculty schedules them. Failure to take exams on scheduled days will result in lowering of test grades and may affect the overall course grade.

UPMC Nursing School Student Academic Integrity Policy

We believe that it's important to foster an environment of cooperation, safety, and dignity for all.

Our Academic Integrity Policy governs the actions of students and everyone associated with Schools of Nursing. The Code's written guidelines — based on UPMC's mission, vision, values, and ethics — outline how students must conduct themselves when attending any UPMC School of Nursing.

Shadyside Nursing Student Grievance Process

We care about your satisfaction with your experience here.

We have an established grievance process for Shadyside nursing students who feel that they haven't received fair treatment concerning matters of school policies, procedures, and regulations in accordance with the current student handbook and student bill of rights.

View the Student Handbook (PDF)