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​Discharge Information

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At UPMC Presbyterian, planning for discharge begins soon after admission to the trauma unit. The patient’s providers and social workers will talk more about this process with family members as his or her recovery progresses. The primary nurse care coordinator (PNCC) on each trauma unit will work with you, the unit case manager, and social worker daily, and throughout your stay to develop a discharge plan.

Getting ready for discharge happens in daily rounds with our trauma team with the PNCC, trauma coordinators, and the trauma resident and attending physicians. Multiple services are coordinated to provide your loved one all they need while they are here and to prepare for discharge to home as soon as they are ready. These services include:

  • Physicians
  • Nursing staff
  • Physical and occupational therapy
  • Any other special services that are needed for recovery

The case manager and social worker identify long-term acute, skilled care, or rehabilitation facilities if the patient cannot go home directly from the hospital. They will work with you and the physicians to establish what the most suitable placement is, based upon the patient’s condition, closeness to your home, and the specialized services that are needed.

If going directly home with some support is an option, social workers will involve other professionals in establishing and providing safety at home, defining what care needs may be at home, and finding resources to meet those needs. In some situations, it may be possible to help find ways of paying for medications if they are not affordable for the family.

Sometimes, questions or concerns may come up after your loved one goes home. We have a 24-hour phone number that you may call to speak with a physician; call 412-647-2002. In an emergency, call 911 or come back to the Emergency Department.