​UPMC Northwest Radiologic Technology Program Tuition and Costs

Tuition is currently set at $5,000 a year.

Fees include:

  • Non-refundable application fee of $50
  • Textbooks for the two years estimated at $1,100
  • Uniforms/shoes for the two years estimated at $300
  • Attendance at a registry review in the second year of training (cost is contingent on which review course the student selects)
  • Criminal History and Child Abuse Clearance; cost estimated at $40 to $50
  • Clinical Computer Program (Trajecsys) $150 for the Program's 23 months

Note: Tuition and costs are subject to change.

Refund Policy

A refund of 50 percent of paid tuition for the current year will be made if the student withdraws during the first three months of the current year.

No amount of paid tuition will be refunded following the end of the third month from the date of entry into the program.