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Our Mission, Vision, and Values at UPMC Northwest


Our mission is to have a positive impact on the health and healing of our community and region.


Our patients

We strive to provide patient care that encompasses all phases of the patient experience from their primary care in their physician’s office, to the hospital, and to home or long-term care. We recognize each patient’s experience to be unique and personal and will individualize care to meet the needs of the patient and family.

Our resources

We acknowledge that our most valuable asset is our health care team. We strive to provide a work environment that enables all members of the team to embrace common goals and provide an excellent patient experience.

We recognize that health care costs are a challenge and will work diligently to be fiscally responsible and accountable for utilization of resources to meet patient care needs and maintain regulatory compliance.

Our community

We accept a commitment to the community that seeks care and healing. We will partner with community resources to increase access to care, promote health, provide quality services, and continually evaluate community needs and respond appropriately.

Our region

Through our partnership with UPMC we will enhance the ability to provide care and services beyond the traditional regional hospital. Through the use of new technology and provider relationships we will expand beyond our community to provide specialized care to the region.



Our primary focus is safety for patients, visitors, and our health care team. We encourage anyone to help us identify areas of risk and unsafe conditions through the SAFE Program. We expect our entire team to work together to resolve safety issues and create a safe environment.


We expect our team to provide care with the utmost courtesy and be respectful of the privacy and dignity of our patients and fellow team members.


Our organization and its employees will demonstrate pride in appearance and behaviors that support a positive patient and work experience.

We acknowledge the constant challenges of our mission as a provider of health care. We also acknowledge that we never know the personal struggles of our team members. We will deliberately choose our attitude to reflect courtesy and a positive demeanor. We will assist fellow team members when they are struggling through the Employee Assistance Program so they are able to maintain the positive attitude that we expect.


We acknowledge the fact that our health care resources, especially human and financial are limited. Therefore, all team members are charged to identify opportunities for cost savings and work flow efficiencies in a manner that enhances the patient experience and the work environment.