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UPMC Altoona Birth Center

Are you planning a pregnancy, or are you pregnant and trying to decide where to go for the best birthing experience? Moms-to-be choose the UPMC Altoona Birth Center for our broad array of expert services before, during, and after birth.

Contact the UPMC Altoona Birth Center

If you think you're in labor, you should contact your ob-gyn.

Call 814-889-2306 to make an appointment.

To reach the labor and delivery floor, call 814-889-2305

About Our Birth Center

If you're pregnant and trying to decide which birthing center best suits your needs, let our team help ease your concerns.

Make an appointment to tour our center and meet our team of labor, birthing, and postpartum experts. Call 814-889-2754 to schedule a tour.

Our hours

Our center is open and staffed 24 hours a day.

Visiting hours for grandparents and siblings are from 11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.

All others are welcome to visit between 1:00 and 8:00 p.m.


Visitors should park in the main parking garage on Howard Avenue. Expecting parents will receive a voucher for free parking.

Learn more about parking at UPMC Altoona.

Services at UPMC Altoona Birth Center

  • 24-Hour Anesthesia Coverage
  • Continuing Care Nursery
  • Lactation Services
  • Childbirth and Parenting Education

Our birthing services

When you choose our team for your care, our relationship begins far before your due date.

For expecting parents, we offer:

  • Prenatal care classes
  • Infant care classes
  • Postpartum care classes

As the largest birth center in the area, we offer all you might need during labor, delivery, and postpartum. Our facilities are located on the 9th floor of UPMC Altoona and include:

  • Two Triage Rooms. At your time of delivery, you'll go to a triage room for testing before going to a birthing room.
  • 18 Private Birthing Rooms. You can expect to stay in a birthing room from the time you arrive until you leave. These private rooms have a home-like feel for mom and baby to bond in comfort. Most new moms stay here for two nights, but some can go home after 24 hours.
  • 24-Hour Anesthesia Coverage. You have around-the-clock access to a doctor who can help relieve any pain, no matter what time you give birth.
  • Continuing Care Nursery. The nursery, found on the same floor as the birthing rooms near mom, is for newborns who need a little extra care. If needed, our pediatricians will refer your baby to a specialist.
  • Operating Rooms. If you have a C-section, it will take place in the OR on the same floor as the birthing rooms. We can also take moms in labor here if any issues arise.
  • Lactation Guidance. During your stay, our lactation expert will visit you and offer breastfeeding advice. After you leave —if you have any questions or concerns — you can reach us by phone or in-person.
  • Car Seat Safety Checks. Before you leave, one of our certified experts can look at your car seat to make sure you’ve safely installed it.

Why Choose UPMC Altoona Birth Center?

Each year, our center serves more than 1,000 women from Blair County and the surrounding areas.

To meet all your needs, we're staffed 24 hours a day by a full range of pregnancy and postpartum experts, including:

  • Ob-gyns
  • Nurse midwive
  • Family doctors
  • Labor and delivery nurses
  • Case managers
  • Pediatricians

But don't just take our word for it. We have national- and state-level honors for providing the best possible care for new moms and babies.

We're fully certified as a National Safe Sleep Hospital by Cribs for Kids. We help all our new parents make sure their newborns have safe sleeping quarters.

We're on the Immunization Action Coalition’s (IAC) Hepatitis B Birth Dose Honor Roll. The IAC recognizes hospitals who give the Hepatitis B vaccine to over 90 percent of newborns before going home.

We take part in the Keystone 10 Initiative. The state-led program endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics t aims to improve breastfeeding care. Our involvement ensures that we have the methods in place to promote healthy breastfeeding.

Learn More About Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Newborn Care

Visit our Pregnancy and Childbirth Health Library.

Find out about the classes we offer.