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Tuition Forgiveness Program for Advanced Imaging Technologist Training

UPMC Imaging Services offers the Advanced Imaging Technologist Training Program. If you choose to enroll and commit to working at UPMC after you complete the program, you can apply for tuition forgiveness.

Tuition varies by program.

Other costs outside of the tuition, may include:

  • Online courses and review programs.
  • Books and school supplies.
  • The Trajecsys tracking program.

If you are a UPMC staff member, you might qualify for tuition reimbursement. Contact Human Resources to see if you qualify. Also, be sure to ask about and know the terms of tuition reimbursement.

Casual employees and non-UPMC staff are qualified for the UPMC Tuition Forgiveness Program.

Tuition Forgiveness Terms of Agreement

The Tuition Forgiveness Program requires that you pay the total tuition, but UPMC will reimburse you with the following terms:

  • You must agree to receive and accept employment with UPMC Imaging Services. You must work for us at least two successive years and start as soon as you complete the program.
  • You must also receive your certificate within six months of program completion.
  • Your work location would be within 70 miles of your clinical training site or your home address.
  • UPMC will reimburse your tuition cost after two years of service.

If you do not remain employed at UPMC for two full years, UPMC will not repay the tuition amount.

Apply to the Advanced Imaging Technologist Training Program.

Contact Us About Tuition Forgiveness for Advanced Imaging Training

To learn more, contact:

Amanda Baker
UPMC Northwest
Program Director, School of Radiography
Phone: 814-677-1433

Emily Hoffman
UPMC Jameson
Rad Tech Program Coordinator, School of Radiography
Phone: 724-936-3960