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Advanced Robotics Training — Surgical Oncology

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Surgical oncologists at the UPMC Center for Advanced Robotics Training (CART) are dedicated to translating their robotic surgery expertise into intensive learning experiences for training surgeons.

Using comprehensive, metrics-based training outside of the operating room, our physicians are experienced in addressing the requirements of multiple clinical roles and skill levels.

Surgical Oncology Robotics Training Program Overview

CART has developed a comprehensive surgical oncology robotics program, featuring both remote and in-person mentorship.

Robotics training for surgical oncology procedures uses a variety of techniques to ensure proper skills development and reduced learning curves.

Training includes:

  • Robotic surgery simulator
  • Box trainer
  • Biotissue drills
  • Cadaver labs
  • Observation of surgical cases

Training surgeons are provided a level of familiarity with the robotic system that supports easier, more effective implementation of robotic surgery systems within their own hospitals.

We may also provide continued proctorship via:

  • Video reviews
  • On-site visits
  • Online resources

Our Experience in Robotic Surgical Oncology Procedures

UPMC surgical oncologists:

  • Are highly experienced in a variety of robotic assisted surgical procedures.
  • Have performed over 1,200 robotic assisted surgeries in surgical oncology since 2014.
  • Are leaders in performing robotic pancreatic resections. They have performed over 600 procedures of this kind, including nearly 300 pancreaticoduodenectomies and more than 100 robotic liver resections.

Contact us to learn more about our surgical oncology robotics program.