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UPMC Preceptor Academy

The UPMC Preceptor Academy, established in 2014, was developed to advance the precepting experience for advanced practice providers (APPs), and to foster a highly effective learning environment for students. The UPMC Preceptor Academy is a diverse group of Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), whose mission is to cultivate and maintain an unparalleled Center of Excellence to develop and advance the clinical education for Advanced Practice Providers through facilitating the education, mentorship, engagement, and fellowship of the future generation of medical providers.

The UPMC Preceptor Academy strives to:

  • Communicate important information to APPs about precepting.
  • Encourage APPs to provide educational experiences for students.
  • Develop programs that instruct APPs on methods, models, and best practices for precepting.
  • Create resource materials for preceptors that will help them prepare for student arrival.

See more educational opportunities for advanced practice provider students at UPMC. Please do not contact Fellows directly.

Preceptor Academy Organizational Structure

Executive Committee Members

  • Chair: Heather McCrory, PA-C
  • Past Chair: Hayley Quigley, PA-C
  • Vice Chair: Amie Hull, CRNP
  • Secretary: Aimee Smith, PA-C
  • Education Committee Co-Chairs: Alexa LLewellyn, PA-C and Shannon Altpeter, PA-C
  • Marketing Committee Chair: Nicole Brewster, CRNP
  • Membership and Elections Committee Chair: Emily Guerriero, PA-C
  • Regional Representatives Chair: Brittany Pankiewicz, CRNP
  • Awards Committee Chair: Jennifer Davison, CRNP


Contact the Preceptor Academy at