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Educational Experiences for Advanced Practice Provider Students

CRNA/CRNP/PA/CNM Student Rotations at UPMC

UPMC welcomes students from participating schools for clinical rotations.

The UPMC Office of Advanced Practice Providers (OAPP) provides rotation placement assistance for students interested in completing their elective rotation at UPMC. Students interested in completing a rotation in a specialty office/department at UPMC should submit an application via the OAPP's online application website, after a preceptor has been secured.

Elective rotation placement assistance requests should be submitted to no later than three months prior to the start of the requested rotation. Elective requests will be fulfilled based on preceptor availability.

The UPMC OAPP does not offer rotation placement assistance for students in need of a preceptor for their Emergency Medicine, Family Medicine, General Surgery, Geriatrics, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, or Women's Health rotations.

These rotations must be coordinated between APP programs and their established relationships at UPMC. All students confirmed for a rotation at a UPMC site via an established relationship will be required to submit an online application within the deadlines listed below.

Students and programs should not cold call any UPMC site.

View the OAPP Educational Experiences Placement Policy (PDF).

View OAPP Application Tips and Reminders (PDF).

Application Submission Deadlines

PA, CRNP and CNM Students should submit an online application via the OAPP’s application website no later than three months prior to the requested start date for rotation placement assistance for their elective rotation, and no later than six weeks prior to the start of their rotation if their preceptor was confirmed by their program via an established relationship.

CRNA students should submit their application no later than three weeks prior to the start of their first clinical experience at UPMC.

Student Experience Agreements

In order to complete a rotation at a UPMC site, your program must have a student experience agreement with UPMC. Most programs in the Pittsburgh area have an agreement with UPMC.

Please contact the OAPP at in the event that your program is not listed in the drop down menu in mCE when applying for a rotation.

Training Modules

Students and faculty are required to complete all the mandatory education modules and mandatory clinical modules in order to comply with applicable laws, policies, and regulations.

Within the application site you will be required to review the modules listed below and complete the accompanying quiz. You must achieve a score of 80 percent or higher to fulfill your requirement. 

Online Application

Once you have the required information saved and ready to submit, please use our online application website.

You will receive emails from the system ( when you are first assigned to the rotation (which means you have been moved forward in the process - please upload your required paperwork) and then again if your compliance checklist is approved or denied. You can log in to myClinicalExchange at any time to check if you have received a green thumbs up after uploading and completing the requirements. Please contact with any issues.

If you have questions regarding our requirements or your application, please email the OAPP at

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