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Learn more about 3d printing at UPMC.
Learn more about 3d printing at UPMC.

3D Printing at UPMC

Three-dimensional printing in health care involves transforming a digital image like a CT scan into a 3D model. They are replicas of a patient’s actual anatomy.

UPMC launched its 3D printing program in 2016 and continues to expand its applications across various medical specialties. The 3D printed anatomical models we create can help improve patients’ outcomes as well as reduce the overall cost of care.

Doctors can use 3D models to plan surgeries or guide them during the procedure.

Our team combines expertise in 3D printing, engineering, and medicine. The 3D models we print improves all steps of a person’s care and helps reduce overall costs.

3D Printing Frequently Asked Questions

"3D printing has been an invaluable asset to my practice. I bring the models to the family and show them where their child's tumor is. I show them how we’re going to take the lesion out and what structures we need to protect. The families love the models. It really helps them understand what their child is going through. And it gives them more confidence in the surgical team. 3D printing has become an instrumental part of my practice."

Amanda Stapleton, MD
UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh
Endoscopic sinus and skull base surgeon