Telemedicine Patient Stories

Our team of telemedicine experts are represented in nearly every specialty service at UPMC. The team moved quickly to adapt technology and connect even more patients to care during the pandemic, providing over 1 million outpatient telemedicine visits from March through December 2020.

Here are a few stories about how telemedicine has had a positive impact in the lives of some of our patients.

Note: These patients' treatment and results may not be representative of all similar cases.

Meet John

When a fall from horseback resulted in a concussion, John sought local treatment. But after a month, he still wasn’t getting better. That’s when he scheduled a telemedicine appointment with the UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program. Learn how after just two appointments, John was back to his routine and feeling like himself again – without ever leaving his home state.

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Meet Jerry

When you have a serious rheumatic disease like psoriatic arthritis, early diagnosis and treatment are key to stopping the progression of debilitating and disabling joint damage. Unfortunately, by the time Jerry Zimmerman of Seneca, Pa., was diagnosed, years had passed without proper medical care. Then, mobility issues and gaps in his care aggravated his condition — until he finally saw UPMC rheumatologist Christine Peoples, MD, who was able to treat him via telemedicine.

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Meet Tanya

Tanya Becker suspected something was very wrong. The busy residential community manager was experiencing headaches, felt disoriented, and couldn't concentrate. Thinking she might have an underlying condition, her doctor recommended she see an endocrinologist. She searched the internet to find a top Pittsburgh specialist and was delighted to learn she could see UPMC endocrinologist Esra Karslioglu-French, MD, without leaving her home in Bedford, Pa.

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Meet James

Video visits offer quality medical care — from the comfort of home. For many patients, going to a medical checkup isn't a big deal. But at age 92, James Bridgeman of Saxonburg, Pa., found that trips to the doctor were becoming more and more challenging. Navigating his appointments has been equally stressful for his daughter.

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