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Inpatient Behavioral Health Services

UPMC Northwest provides two options for inpatient behavioral health for those who are referred to our program:

Traditional Acute Care

Patients requiring a short term inpatient stay are admitted as traditional acute care patients. The traditional acute care unit has 16 beds.

Extended Acute Care (EAC)

This 12-bed unit is designed for patients who may need a longer length of inpatient stay to stabilize and be successful with their recovery in the community. The target population for this program includes individuals over the age of 18 who are currently receiving care on a traditional, inpatient acute unit. These individuals will have a serious mental illness with active symptoms and could experience some co-occurring psychosocial issues or substance abuse.

As part of their treatment plan, patients learn life skills such as money management, personal wellness, and recovery maintenance tools. Patients on the EAC unit will work on community reintegration that will include practicing life skills in the actual local community with staff support.

This program focuses heavily on the recovery goal of improvement in the patient’s ability to meet their daily living goals and improve their quality of life. The program's integrated approach focuses on family, social supports, and treatment supports, using the patient’s strengths to meet their immediate and long term needs.