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Pediatric Hospitalist Services at UPMC Northwest

As every parent knows, children and teens aren’t just small adults. They have very different needs, wants, and fears. That’s especially true in a hospital setting.

Pediatric hospitalists manage the unique medical needs of infants, children, and teens. Our hospital-based doctors care only for our pediatric patients throughout UPMC Northwest.

Our pediatric hospitalists offer your family important peace of mind — from your child’s admission to our hospital until their return home. They’re your child’s advocate and monitor their care while at UPMC Northwest.

The Role of Pediatric Hospitalists

UPMC Northwest’s pediatric hospitalists work with you to ensure your child receives the best possible care by:

  • Overseeing all medical services during your child’s hospital stay
  • Coordinating all care with your pediatrician and other doctors, specialists, and other medical professionals involved in your child’s treatment
  • Providing an overview of the child’s hospital stay and detailed instructions about follow-up care with your pediatrician

We also care for pediatric patients transferred to UPMC Northwest from other area hospitals. And should your child’s condition need advanced care, our pediatric hospitalists can arrange for other specialty care or even transfer to UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh.

Our Services

Pediatric hospitalists care for infants, children, and teens with medical needs that require hospital care, including:

  • Common pediatric illnesses (such as influenza and dehydration)
  • Care of newborns
  • Failure to thrive
  • Infant hyperbilirubinemia
  • Infectious illnesses
  • Problems with chronic illnesses (such as diabetes and asthma)
  • Recovery from injuries or surgery
  • Respiratory illnesses (bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia)

Our Experts

Muhammad Badar Munir, MD
Pediatric Hospitalist

Heidi L. Ochs, DO
Pediatric Hospitalist