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Lymphedema Management Patient Stories

Read the stories of some of our lymphedema management patients.

Charles: Lymphedema

After years of living with lymphedema, Charles was referred to UPMC Rehabilitation Institute for physical therapy. Before beginning physical therapy, his legs and ankles were so swollen he was unable to find shoes that would fit. Today, Charles has no significant swelling and is able to wear his shoes again.

Read Charles's story

Terri Harris: Lymphedema

While going through treatment for breast cancer, Terri developed a common condition called lymphedema. Her swelling was in the left breast following extensive radiation. Terri had a complicated and severe case, but our staff helped her achieve positive results in an effort to improve her condition.

Read Terri Harris's story

Tim McAllister: Lymphedema

Tim McAllister began having painful bouts of swelling in his right leg every few years since high school. His condition went undiagnosed for over 10 years, until Tim met with his primary care physician who believed it might be a lymph related condition and suggested physical therapy for lymphedema at UPMC Rehabilitation Institute.

Read Tim McAllister's story