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The Highest Standards in Professional Development

UPMC Centers for Rehab Services is now known as UPMC Rehabilitation Institute. Even though we have a new name, you can expect the same standard of care, services, and providers.

As part of UPMC, our commitment to professional development is of the highest priority.

Here are just a few of the ways we ensure that every aspect of our operations meets and exceeds industry standards.

Professional Organizations

Many of our therapists are active members of professional organizations, such as the:

Active membership helps our staff stay abreast of the latest in clinical practices, research, and education.

Specialty Certifications

All of our physical, occupational, and speech therapists are licensed and meet the standard requirements for practice. Over 100 of them have specialty certifications, consisting of the following:

  • Board-Certified Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist
  • Board-Certified Neurologic Clinical Specialist
  • Board-Certified Geriatric Clinical Specialist
  • Board-Certified Sports Clinical Specialist
  • Board-Certified Women’s Health Clinical Specialist
  • Board-Certified Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Clinical Specialist
  • Certified Lymphedema Specialist
  • Certified Hand Therapist
  • Certified Primary Spine Provider
  • Certified Advanced Vestibular Physical Therapist
  • Certified ISST-Schroth Therapist
  • Board Certification in Physical Rehabilitation
  • Certified Low Vision Therapist

Your therapist will likely have credentials listed after their name, which may include a specialty certification. For example, the credentials PT, DPT, OCS, after your therapist’s name means they are a physical therapist with a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree and an Orthopaedic Clinical Specialist certification.

Our physical, occupational, and speech therapists are also encouraged to continue their education and gain additional specialty certifications while at UPMC. Some have more than one specialty.

Continuing Education

The Clinical Connections program — just one of our many continuing education opportunities — was established to help our therapists and staff members stay ahead of the latest in research, clinical trials, assistive devices, and more.

Academic Affiliations

Because of our reputation and affiliation with the University of Pittsburgh School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences and many other universities, we are able to attract and retain talented professionals from across the country.

Compliance and Privacy Programs

Our operational procedures — such as our ongoing compliance and privacy programs — have undergone rigorous testing and development to ensure consistency, quality, and accountability.

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