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Pulmonology Telemedicine Services

People with breathing issues, sleep problems, and other lung conditions can get help at UPMC.

The recent growth of online care has made it easier than ever to see a UPMC pulmonologist. Whether you live in western Pa. or anywhere in the country, you can see the right doctor for you.

About Pulmonary Telemedicine at UPMC

We use state-of-the-art, secure video equipment so your doctor learns as much about you as they would in person.

We offer lung telemedicine for:

  • First-time consults
  • Second opinions
  • Follow-up care

You may still need in-person care like lung function testing, but telehealth can limit how often you need to visit UPMC.

Your lung doctor can likely use a video visit to decide which tests you need.

After testing, online care provides an easy way for you to discuss your results with your doctor.

Pulmonary care via telemedicine post-COVID

Several pulmonary and respiratory specialty centers at UPMC use virtual visits.

This gives you even easier access to world-class asthma, sleep, and lung care.

These centers include:

Who Pulmonology Telemedicine Can Help

Online care may work well for you if you:

  • Live far from Pittsburgh.
  • Are at high risk for COVID-19 or other diseases.
  • Are managing your lung condition well but need a check-up.
  • Want to get 1-on-1 guidance from your doctor about your sleep setting or CPAP/BPAP machine.

Is a Pulmonary Video Visit Right for Me?

UPMC's lung experts invite both new and returning patients to schedule an online visit.

In diagnosing lung disease, doctors use a mix of techniques and tests such as:

  • Physical exams.
  • Chest x-rays.
  • Lung function testing.
  • Bloodwork.

Your doctor may order a test based on the results of a telehealth visit. Or they may ask you to have testing before your video visit so you can discuss the results.

A telemedicine visit often works well for current patients whose lung disease is well-controlled. That's because you may not need a physical exam or tests.

What to Expect During Your Pulmonary Video Visit

Once you make an appointment, your doctor's office will explain how to log in to your video visit.

UPMC uses advanced video and audio equipment so that your doctor can see and hear you clearly. Our equipment meets the latest HIPAA privacy and cybersecurity requirements.

Many UPMC doctors have used telehealth technology for years. Others are fairly new to providing online care.

But all report that patients quickly become relaxed with video visits — and the safety and convenience they provide.

Insurances we accept

UPMC accepts most insurance.

The COVID-19 pandemic has led many health plans to relax their policies around people using telehealth for care.

But as things change, we suggest you check with your health plan before your visit to find out what they cover.