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Pediatric Orthopaedic Care at UPMC

Our children's orthopaedic experts at UPMC treat a full range of conditions, such as:

  • Broken bones. This can be anything from a small crack to a separated bone that causes it to move out of place. We also treat complications of broken bones that don't heal correctly.
  • Hip dysplasia. This disorder occurs when a child's joint doesn't form as it should. The "ball" at the top of the thigh bone and "socket" inside the pelvic bone don't fit as they should.
  • Limb length discrepancies. This is when one leg or arm is shorter than the other.
  • Lower limb defects. This refers to a range of conditions that affect the leg or foot alignment. Common conditions include clubfoot, intoe-ing, and bowed legs.
  • Neuromuscular diseases. These are conditions in which nerves create problems with muscles throughout the body, such as sclerosis or muscular dystrophy.
  • Osgood-Schlatter disease. This is swelling of the growth plate at the top of the shin. It mainly occurs during growth spurts and causes a painful bump below the knee. Kids who play sports are most at risk for this overuse injury.
  • Sprains (muscle tears) and strains. Sprains occur when you stretch a ligament attached to a joint. Strains happen when you stretch a muscle too far or put too much pressure on it.
  • Hip, knee, and foot problems.
  • Spine defects.

Children's Orthopaedic Care in Pittsburgh and Southwest Pa.

Orthopaedic surgeons at UPMC Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh are experts in treating musculoskeletal problems in kids.

We offer urgent orthopaedic care for minor bone, joint, and muscle injuries Monday through Friday, 5 to 9 p.m..

We can transfer your child to UPMC Children's Emergency Department. without delay if needed.

Learn more about orthopaedic in Southwest Pa. at UPMC Children's Hospital.


Children's Orthopaedic Care in Central Pa.

We offer:

To learn more or make an appointment, call 717-988-9032 or submit our children's orthopaedics contact form.

Our address:

8105 Adams Drive, Suite C
Hummelstown, PA 17036


Learn more about children's orthopaedics at UPMC in Central Pa.