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Shared Governance at the UPMC Center for Nursing Excellence

Nursing Councils

UPMC and the UPMC Center for Nursing Excellence support shared governance through a defined council structure. Representatives from each hospital and nursing areas meet on a routine basis to achieve system goals.

Nurses at all levels and all areas of care work together to innovate and drive change that supports:

  • UPMC
  • Our communities
  • The field of nursing

Councils work together on community outreach as an extra means of giving to those in need.

Our eleven councils

  • Nursing Leadership: Serves as the agent by which nursing leaders commence change and put best nursing practices in place.
  • Nurse Advocacy: Promotes nursing by taking part in government activities and legislative reform.
  • Nursing Evidence-Based Practice and Research: Supports evidence-based practice and research through mentoring, oversight, sharing best practices, and reviewing policies.
  • Academic Service Partnership: Designs collaborative strategic vision with academic partners for student pipeline and outstanding student, faculty, and preceptor experience.
  • Nursing Inclusion: Recruits, retains, and improves the professional development of diverse nurses.
  • Magnet®: Works to embed the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Magnet Recognition Program framework across the division while keeping unique cultures.
  • Coordinating: Shares best practices and constructs plans to support the nursing strategic priorities.
  • System Informatics: Standardizes and enhances electronic health record (EHR) to improve patient safety, communication, and nursing workflow.
  • Professional Practice: Serves as the means by which all professional nurses initiate change and carry out best nursing practices.
  • Nursing Education: Shares internal and external best practices that support and enhance nursing education to support professional development and quality care.
  • CNO Leadership: Designs and implements a single strategic nursing vision to enhance patient outcomes, staff engagement, and fiscal responsibility.