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Specialized Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation

UPMC Sports Medicine's science-based physical therapy and sports rehabilitation programs and services are for active people and athletes of all skill levels, in all sports.

Based on your goals, our primary care doctors and orthopaedic surgeons work with physical therapists from UPMC Rehabilitation Institute to tailor a program for you that works to:

  • Restore function.
  • Decrease pain.
  • Help you return to full activities and sports safely.
  • Speed recovery.

Sports Physical Therapy and Rehab Services

Physical therapy and sport-specific rehab

UPMC's sports medicine and rehab experts realize the high demands of being an athlete at the top of your game.

Our team can help you recover from an injury or surgery, while customizing your therapy program so that you can return to your sport safely.

Our physical therapists and specialists have training in an array of sports, including:

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Running
  • Golf
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Lacrosse

Aquatic (water) physical therapy and rehab*

Aquatic therapy provides a unique method of rehab.

Because water makes the body more buoyant, aquatic physical therapy places less stress on your joints. This can make it easier and less painful to complete rehab exercises.

It's a useful option for people who are healing from surgery or for those who have:

  • Arthritis
  • Chronic joint or muscle pain
  • Fibromyalgia

Aquatic therapy also:

  • Promotes early range of motion.
  • Increases flexibility.
  • Tones muscles.
  • Helps heal and strengthen injured tissues.
  • Reduces joint stiffness.

*Aquatic PT and rehab is only offered at our Pittsburgh-area locations.

More sports therapy and rehab services

Other services we offer include:

Make an Appointment for Sports Physical Therapy and Rehab

To see a physical therapist or other sports medicine expert or specialist, contact UPMC Sports Medicine at 1-855-937-7678.

We offer physical therapy and sport-specific rehab programs at: