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Young Athlete Program at UPMC Sports Medicine

If you have young athletes in your life, or you’re a young athlete yourself, you’ve come to the right place. The Young Athlete Program at UPMC Sports Medicine is here to help active young people continue the activities they love, whether that’s helping them prevent injury or returning them to play at a high level post-injury.

While there are specific age and growth factors to consider while treating and training young athletes, our team emphasizes treating young athletes as athletes first – just as we’d treat any high school, college, or professional athlete who walks into our clinic. We understand that sports have become competitive increasingly early in an athlete’s life, so we want to partner with you and your young athlete to not only treat their injury, but to help rehabilitate and train them to return to sport in as good of shape, or in better shape, than they were pre-injury.

Our Program offers access to all of our sports medicine experts under one roof and a complete range of services to help patients return to sport as quickly and safely as possible, including:

  • Accelerated appointment scheduling.
  • Comprehensive evaluations by sports medicine experts.
  • Nonsurgical and surgical treatment options for sports-related injuries.
  • Sport-specific rehabilitation through UPMC Rehabilitation Institute.
  • Injury prevention, sports performance, and sports nutrition services.
  • Concussion care through the world-renowned UPMC Sports Medicine Concussion Program.
  • Research-backed return-to-sport testing and clearance for specific injuries, including ACL.
  • Advanced imaging equipment and technology for diagnosing sports-related injuries.
  • Mental health and wellness resources through UPMC Western Behavioral Health.
  • Streamlined access to pediatric specialty care through UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh as needed.

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To make an appointment or learn more about the Young Athlete Program at UPMC Sports Medicine, please call 1-855-937-7678 or complete our contact form.