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Research and Training at UPMC Center for Care of Infectious Diseases

The goals of the UPMC Division of Infectious Diseases are to provide excellent inpatient and outpatient care, and develop knowledgeable researchers and clinicians who are trained in the management and treatment of infectious diseases.

In addition to providing patient care, faculty members conduct infectious disease research in a number of areas.

Some of our current research topics include:

  • HIV/AIDS therapeutics and vaccine development
  • Health care-associated infections
  • Herpes virus persistence
  • Antibiotic resistance

Contact Us

UPMC Center for Care of Infectious Diseases

To learn more about UPMC Center for Care of Infectious Diseases or to make an appointment, call 412-647-7228 or 1-877-788-7228.

PACT clinic

To learn more about PACT's HIV/AIDS services or to make an appointment, call 412-647-7228 or 1-877-788-7228.

Learn more about the Division's research.

Pitt + Me Clinical Trials

The Pitt+Me Registry is a program of the University of Pittsburgh's Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) that engages researchers, patients, and volunteers from the greater Pittsburgh community in an effort to advance science and improve health for future generations.

We encourage you to join the more than 100,000 participants in the Pitt+Me Registry who have signed up to receive our newsletter and hear more about research opportunities that may be of interest.

Learn more about research studies and clinical trials that are related to the immune system and infections.

Educational Opportunities

The Division of Infectious Diseases also provides training for:

  • Medical students
  • Graduate students
  • Residents and fellows

Get details on the infectious diseases fellowship training programs at the University of Pittsburgh Department of Medicine.