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UPMC Williamsport Emergency Department

COVID-19 Tests

If you think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 and have only mild symptoms – and you do not have difficulty breathing – you can schedule a COVID-19 test at a designated test location. The Emergency Department is NOT the place to get a COVID-19 test UNLESS you are experiencing breathing problems or other severe symptoms.

Going to an Emergency Department with mild or no symptoms may create a long wait time for you to be seen and COVID-19 test results do not come back more quickly – they still will take one, two, or more days.

Get more information or find a testing location near you.

For a medical emergency, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency department. For immediate help with a mental health crisis, call 988 for the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline.

Designed to Improve Patient Care and Efficiency

The ED at UPMC Williamsport has 38 private rooms to help:

  • Lower the risk of infection.
  • Reduce noise.
  • Improve your privacy.
  • Give you your own space while you wait for test results or care.

Room features include:

  • A soft, cozy bed.
  • A flat screen TV.
  • Seating for a support person.
  • Private bathrooms in most rooms.

Our x-ray and CT scan department is right next door to the ER to help you get quicker treatment.

We also have 8 specialty rooms to meet certain needs.

All of these services are seamless throughout the UPMC Williamsport ED, so you receive the most effective and efficient care.

Specialty rooms in the Emergency Department at UPMC Williamsport

Of the 38 total rooms, we have 8 specialty rooms designed to treat:

  • Mental health issues.
  • Trauma.
  • Ear, nose, and throat conditions.
  • Sexual assault.

Behavioral health rooms

We have 4 special rooms for people in need of urgent care for a mental health crisis.

These behavioral health rooms:

  • Are in a secluded, secure area. This is for the safety of all patients, support persons, and service partners coming to ED.
  • Have locked doors, beds secured to the floor, metal gates that shield medical equipment from patients, and cameras.
  • Have high-tech nursing stations outside each room. This lets treating nurses see patients at all times and enter notes and patient records in real-time.

Trauma rooms

The 2 trauma bays have the extra supplies for treating people with traumatic injuries.

They also include special equipment, such as a plaster sink to aid in setting casts.

Ear, nose, and throat room

The ENT room features an exam chair rather than a bed.

Being seated helps ED staff assess and treat people with these conditions.

Sexual assault specialty room

We've designed our 1 sexual assault room with the patient's safety and privacy concerns in mind.

The spacious, comforting room:

  • Is a safe haven for those who have just been through severe trauma.
  • Has privacy doors and a private bathroom with a shower.
  • Has specially trained and certified sexual assault nurses who know how to address sensitivity and a patient's legal rights.

Contact Us

For more information, call:

  • General Information: 570-321-1000
  • Patient Rooms: 570-321-2273

If you are experiencing a life-threatening injury or illness, please call 911.

Emergency Care at UPMC

Learn more about emergency care in north central Pa.