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Surgical Services at UPMC Shadyside

UPMC Shadyside offers a wide range of surgical procedures, including robotics, as treatments for many diseases and conditions. 

Robotic Surgery at UPMC Shadyside

Robotic surgery does not mean that a robot replaces the surgeon. It means that robotic technology provides enhanced visualization and dexterity so that surgeons can perform many complex procedures that would otherwise have to be performed with conventional open incisions.

For patients, robotic surgery can mean a shorter hospital stay, less pain, less blood loss, less scarring, and quicker recovery. Robotic surgery outcomes are consistent with those of standard minimally invasive surgeries.

Owning the technology is the first step. It also is crucial that the hospital and its surgeons have the expertise in using the technology. UPMC is a leader in robotic surgical technology in western Pennsylvania. UPMC began using the da Vinci® Surgical System at UPMC Presbyterian in 2003 and moved it to UPMC Shadyside in November 2007, where it is now being used for prostate, gynecologic, and oncology surgeries.

UPMC Shadyside has a dedicated operating room for da Vinci surgeries and a dedicated team with specialized training and experience in robotic technology.

Other Advanced Surgeries at UPMC Shadyside

In addition to general surgery, surgeons at UPMC Shadyside perform advanced procedures in many specialties: