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Our Family Medicine Resident Alumni at UPMC Williamsport

“UPMC Williamsport is everything I could have ever wanted from my residency experience. The attendings were all so helpful and knowledgeable, and it allowed me to excel and truly feel ready to begin my career on my own. I was happily surprised by the breadth of training I received and by the experiences I had. If you want to be a strong FM doctor, an unopposed residency is a must and UPMC Williamsport is a perfect example of the high-quality program you should expect. I have lived in NYC, Philadelphia, western PA, and upstate NY, and I finally have found a strong and happy community that I adore in Williamsport and central PA, and I would not be able to do any of this without the guidance and support of the staff at UPMC Williamsport."

– Nicholas Gorski, DO
Class of 2022

"When looking at residencies, I aimed to find a full spectrum training in a rural community. The well-established curriculum, dedicated faculty, and supportive residents drew me specifically to UPMC Williamsport. Reflecting on three years of training, the program certainly lived up to expectations. The support provided by the faculty was unparalleled and inspired me to pursue a career in academic medicine. The strong inpatient service and balanced clinic experience left me feeling prepared for future practice immediately upon graduation. Because of a supportive culture, I was able to form friendships that spanned beyond coworkers with fellow residents, faculty, and staff. This helped make work feel a lot less like "work." For these reasons (and many more), I would encourage any prospective resident searching for a full spectrum training in a supportive environment to consider UPMC Williamsport."

– Kenneth Bazydlo, MD
Class of 2021

"At Williamsport Family Medicine Residency program, you will receive challenging and thorough training from expert full-spectrum physicians who truly care about the patients they serve. Looking back on my residency experience, I am struck by how each and every faculty member cares for the entire patient. I am also grateful for the ways fellow residents built one another up and all of the friendships created during those three years."

– Kristen Phiri, MD
Class of 2018

"I appreciate that my training in Williamsport prepared me to take a job that is full spectrum (other than OB). I'm comfortable doing inpatient, outpatient, ER, taking moonlighting shifts as a hospitalist or pediatrician, and I feel prepared to do any of that without hesitating."

– Amy Bedient, DO
Class of 2017

"Williamsport is an amazing community with far more amenities than I would have thought when first applying. The family centered program helped to prepare me to be a much more well-rounded Physician with a broader scope of experience than I would have been able to get in many other programs. I loved training in Williamsport so much that after only a few years away I knew I had to come back and rejoin the system that I loved so much."

– Steven Barrows, MD, UPMC Family Medicine at Muncy
Class of 2016

"Family Medicine Residency was my first choice. Not only did I have excellent training that prepared me well for my career, but my family and I were welcomed with an overwhelming sense of community. I truly miss the comraderie and great mentors that made my training above and beyond. Never have I doubted my choice in Residency

– Bryan Sandler, MD
Class of 2016

"During training I felt supported by attendings and formed strong bonds with the other residents, which helped me feel like I had a safe place to learn and ask questions. The depth and variety of cases I saw in the office as well as in the hospital helped to give me invaluable experience and to hone my critical thinking skills, which have served me well now that I am out in practice. Since Williamsport is a relatively small medical community I also got to learn a lot from the specialists and work one-on-one with them in a way that has given me the ability to better manage my patients and to let them know what to expect when I must refer them to such specialists. I am also very glad that Williamsport provided me the opportunity to learn to do colposcopies and training for Nexplanon, both of which I now do as part of my practice."

– Andrea (Benoit) Bickford, DO
Class of 2014

Five-Year Summary of Residency Graduates 2018-2022

Total Number - 33

  • MD - 12
  • DO - 21

Scope of practice

  • Residency Full Time Faculty – 4
  • Inpatient Only (Hospitalist) – 1
  • Outpatient Family Medicine, Including OB – 1
  • Outpatient Family Medicine, No OB – 18
  • Fellowship Training – 1
  • Outpatient, Including Prenatal Care – 6
  • Urgent/Emergency Care - 2