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Family Medicine Residency Program Curriculum at UPMC Williamsport

Curriculum – General

Our curriculum meets all national accreditation standards and addresses our residents' particular needs. Each resident's learning is approached systematically to ensure that the resident is completely prepared for practice. Through specialized electives, residents can develop strengths and expand on their areas of clinical interest. Residents may tailor their curriculum to include specific areas of concentration such as obstetrics, sports medicine, geriatrics, and urgent care.

In addition, our curriculum places emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of family medicine including outpatient procedures. Residents interested in a strong obstetrical experience can obtain sufficient exposure and education to be confident practicing this discipline upon graduation.

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Curriculum – Osteopathic

The program had been dually accredited since 2007, then received its accreditation for osteopathic recognition through the ACGME in 2018. The primary goal is to foster understanding, application, and integration of the osteopathic philosophy and manipulative medicine into all aspects of patient care (inpatient, continuity office, clinic, and long-term care). Below are the experiences that we provide to our residents to enhance their training:

OMM lecture series and hands-on practice sessions

Monthly noonday conferences delivered by senior osteopathic residents and osteopathic practice sessions.

OMM clinics

First year osteopathic residents participate in one to two OMM clinics per month (on non-inpatient rotations). Each clinic is supervised by a board certified osteopathic faculty member.

Second and third year osteopathic residents participate in one OMM clinic per month on outpatient rotations.

Integrated OMM appointments

Second- and third-year osteopathic residents have designated OMM appointment slots integrated into their family medicine office schedule. The number of OMM integrated appointments each week typically ranges from zero to three depending the resident's assigned rotation.

Inpatient OMM Experience

Osteopathic residents have the opportunity to perform OMM on newborn, pediatric, obstetric, and adult patients in a variety of hospital settings. In addition to the OMM inpatient experience, residents are encouraged to integrate OMM into the plan of care for hospitalized patients when applicable.

OMM workshops

At the beginning of the first academic year, Osteopathic residents are required to participate in a series of OMM workshops. These workshops review common osteopathic techniques and approaches to the axial skeleton. The workshops include both didactic sessions and hands-on lab sessions.

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Curriculum Flexibility

Areas of concentration

It is important that a program adapt to the particular needs of each resident. We are capable of arranging specialized electives, developing tutorials and flexing curriculum to respond to an individual's needs.

The following are some examples of areas of concentration that residents have participated in:

  • Sports Medicine
  • Palliative Medicine
  • International Medicine
  • Obstetrics (with or without C-sections)
  • Faculty Development

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