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About UPMC Transplant Services

Why Choose UPMC Transplant Services

At UPMC, we are dedicated to providing life-saving transplant options to all patients who will benefit. Established in 1981, UPMC Transplant Services has performed more than 20,000 organ transplant surgery procedures, including liver, kidney, pancreas, small bowel, liver/small bowel, heart, heart/lung, double-lung, single-lung, and multiple-organ transplants. As a pioneer in the field of solid-organ transplantation, our program has been consistently challenged with some of the most difficult and complex cases.

Our surgeons and specialists have drawn upon this breadth of experience to develop advancements that have resulted in new and improved treatment modalities for our patients.

We're home to some of the world's foremost transplant experts:

  • The medical specialists and surgeons who guide people to new lives as transplant recipients
  • The nurses, clinical coordinators, and physicians who provide care and support before and after surgery
  • The researchers who move the field forward

We take pride in keeping the lines of communication open with patients, families, and referring physicians regarding status procedures, treatments, and follow-up care. Although transplantation is a complex, serious procedure, we maintain a personal, patient-focused approach that takes into consideration the stress and concerns many individuals experience.

Breakthrough Antirejection Therapies

We've been performing successful organ transplants for longer than most medical centers. That's because UPMC was one of the first centers to use the breakthrough drugs that keep patients' immune systems from rejecting their new organs.

Also, we have a long history of helping to develop new antirejection therapies that work better with fewer side effects — so organ recipients can enjoy better health with fewer restrictions. Our latest work, in partnership with the UPMC Immune Transplant and Therapy Center, is aimed at reducing or potentially eliminating the need for antirejection medications after a transplant.

Pioneering Organ Transplant Procedures

UPMC experts have a distinguished history of pioneering and refining new transplant procedures, making it possible to provide a second chance at life for patients who otherwise would not have been a candidate for transplantation.

Our physicians and researchers have accomplished many historical firsts, giving hope to patients across the county and around the globe.

Today, UPMC is home to one of the oldest and largest transplant programs in the country and we are committed to advancing the field.

Contact us today to request an appointment with UPMC Transplant Services.

For more information or to refer a patient, contact our 24-hour physician referral line at 1-800-544-2500.

UPMC Transplantation Fast Facts

  • UPMC is one of the most experienced transplant centers in the world.
  • Since 1981, we have conducted more than 19,500 organ transplants.
  • Our researchers have led efforts to develop novel immuno-suppressive regimens that minimize rejection and improve long-term outcomes.