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Newborn Screenings and Tests at UPMC in Central Pa.

After your baby is born, the caring specialists at UPMC in central Pa. will perform a variety of tests and screenings designed to detect problems and treat any underlying health issues.

Standard tests performed after birth include:

  • Apgar test. This test measures your baby’s physical condition at one and five minutes after birth.
  • Eye prophylaxis. Medication is placed in your baby’s eyes to prevent infection and blindness.
  • Foot printing and identification bands. Identification is done in the delivery room.
  • Vitamin K injection. Vitamin K injections are done to prevent internal bleeding.
  • Hearing screening. Any hearing problems are identified early with the hearing screening.
  • Bilirubin screening. Completed at 24 hours of age, this screening is done to check for yellowing of the skin and an elevated bilirubin level in your baby’s blood that usually indicates jaundice.
  • Hepatitis B vaccination. This is the first in a series of three vaccinations to prevent hepatitis B.
  • Newborn metabolic screening. A metabolic screening is a blood test that can identify a number of metabolic and inherited disorders.

Most tests are noninvasive—in fact, you might not even realize your baby is being tested during the first few minutes after birth. After you are transferred to the maternity unit, your health care team will care for your baby and perform additional tests in the comfort of your hospital room.


If you wish to have your son circumcised, our providers can perform this procedure in the hospital. Circumcision is a procedure that cuts away the foreskin that covers the head of the penis.

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