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Lupus Services at UPMC

UPMC connects people to experts in lupus care and research. Our team gathers all the pieces needed to diagnose lupus and its related health problems.

We create treatment plans based on your unique symptoms, test results, and health history. This means you get the care that's best for you.

Some people see us for all their lupus care. In other cases, we partner with their doctor.

For instance, your doctor may contact us for a second opinion or to help manage a lupus issue.

Learn more about the causes, symptoms, and diagnosis of lupus.

Lupus Services We Offer at UPMC

We offer a wide range of tests and treatments for lupus.

We often consult UPMC experts in other fields to get a full picture of each person's health.

Testing for lupus

To diagnose lupus or other health problems, our experts may order:

Comprehensive care

To help prevent and treat lupus-related problems, we work with PCPs and those experts on the:

  • Brain, spine, and nervous system.
  • Heart and blood vessels.
  • Kidneys.
  • Lungs.
  • Skin.
We also work with other specialists in joint, bone, and connective tissues.

Lupus treatments

We provide a full range of lupus treatments, for mild to severe disease.

As some lupus treatments can be costly, we help with insurance forms and drug access programs.

Why Choose UPMC?

Lupus can be hard to manage. People with this disease gain from experts who focus on lupus care and research.

Through our careful approach, we:

  • Make sure you get the right diagnosis.
  • Prevent health problems before they can occur.
  • Help you avoid treatment side effects.

We see hundreds of people with lupus each year. With vast expertise in treating lupus, we can manage even the most complex cases. You rarely see such regimens offered at outside centers.

Lupus research and trials

Being involved in research means we stay up to date on the latest advances in lupus care.

Ongoing trials at the centers allow people with lupus to access new, innovative treatments.

You don't need to transfer your care to us to take part in our lupus clinical trials.

Tips for your first visit

We ask that you bring all health records that may be helpful, such as:

  • Primary care records.
  • Past test results.
  • Lists of current and past medicines.

We also suggest you track your symptoms, including how often they occur and how long they last.

Learn More About Lupus

From UPMC's HealthBeat blog:

Make a Lupus Appointment at UPMC

Call 1-888-349-1506 to make an appointment at a UPMC rheumatology location near you.