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Gero-Palliative Care at UPMC Senior Communities Skilled Nursing Facilities

The UPMC Palliative and Supportive Institute provides gero-palliative care to patients and residents at all UPMC Senior Communities Skilled Nursing facilities. Our gero-palliative nurse practitioners work directly with the staff of each facility, as well as collaborating closely with your doctor or treating physician to ensure you receive the best possible treatment according to your goals and wishes for care.

We provide individualized treatments to help manage your symptoms, evaluate the effectiveness of care plans, and adjust each patient’s care to support his or her goals.

Our care providers help patients and their families cope with the adjustments that accompany the transition to a skilled nursing facility. We help care for patients who need skilled nursing services while recovering or managing an illness, injury, or surgery, and we also provide care to patients and residents at the end of life.

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